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Electric Wheelchair Abnormal Phenomenon and Fault
  1, press the power switch, the power indicator is not lit: check the power cord and the signal line is properly connected. Check if the battery is powered. Check if the battery pack overload protection is cut off, please press it.
  2, the power switch is activated, the indicator is also normal display, but the electric wheelchair still can not start: check the clutch is cut into the "entry ON" position.
  3, the car is running, the speed is not coordinated and stop and stop: check the tire pressure is sufficient. Check the motor for overheating, noise or other abnormalities. The power cord is loose. The controller is damaged, please return to the factory replacement.
  4, the brake is invalid: check whether the clutch into the "entry ON" position. Check that the controller "joystick" is bouncing back to the middle position. May be damaged for the brake or clutch, please return to the factory replacement.
  5, can not be properly charged: Please check the charger, the fuse is normal. Check that the charging cable is properly connected. May be excessive discharge of the battery, please lengthen the charging time, if still can not be filled, please replace the battery. May be damaged or aged for the battery, please replace it.

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